Cartoon Drawing of Jessie and Trevor

Fictional Memories

Restored. Handmade. Remembered.

an antique and craft booth full of ads, furniture, books, and more, inside of a store called Marina Marina in the Marietta square

About Us

Hi! We are Trevor and Jessie, and we have always wanted a booth and an excuse to shop and create for the eclectic. Our vintage booth is full of products with memories that we don't know about, so it's up to us to write them a new story. We are Fictional Memories Vintage. We restore, we create, and we try to remember.We also do antique and craft shows! Depending on the show, we sell some of our handmade items with a vintage twist. Old advertisements become art prints, coasters, magnets, and more. Old board games become part of our growing list of earrings. We also hand-age sheet music for decoration and display and upcycle many items for seasonal decor.You can find us at:
Marina Marina in the Marietta Square
The Marietta Antique Mall


Thank you for a great 2023 season! We appreciate all the goodies you bought from the Smyrna Handmade Market and The Mable House Arts Center.Stay tuned for our 2024 show schedule!

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